This site is designed to help you build your own tank. You should be able to work your way through the navigation menu.

Elements of a Do-it-yourself Isolation Tank

The Room

The room that you put the isolation pod in should have at least 1 foot of space on all sides of the tank. This is so that you can put the spa pack and other things around the tank.

The room should be kept at 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Spa Pack – for keeping the water clean

There are numerous options for keeping the water clean.

Water Heater

You must Probe the water temperature and heat the water so it stays at 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

(Epsom) Salt

You must obtain (epsom) salt – usually 300 pounds is enough.

Tools and Gauges

Various tools and gauges will make construction and maintenance easier.

Filling and Salting the Tank

If you can get piping hot water from a bathroom, then make it as hot as possible. This makes it a breeze to pour in huge bags of salt all at once. If this is not possible, then slowly pouring in a bag and allowing the temperature to return to 93.5 is a must.

The Tank Itself

When a tank is easy to build, the tank is simply one or two pieces that can be assembled in under 1 hour. Tanks that are involved to build or impossible to build involves complex carpentry skills.