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The Ragtop DIY Tank: version 2024 – alpha

A major design change occurred leading to archiving this previous design for reference. The way we drill holes in the plastic changed drastically. The ragtop DIY Tank is shown here: First a little history: Design Criteria: Materials List Product Picture Amount Cost Description 325 Gallon Poly Open Top Containment Tank ( 1 $600 24-inch high […]

Super-like for Floatease – a very useful device for easing head-neck discomfort.

I have floated since the mid 90s off and on and never needed a headrest. Perhaps because of low salt content or maybe aging, I felt my head was arching back and creating discomfort. As a yoga practitioner, i shrugged it off, thinking, it’s just stretching out and will get better over time. But after […]

Location, location, location!

I had been doing a survey of containment tanks in preparation for creating the next evolution of The Black Beauty DIY tank: Tank Tank Manufacturer Vendor Product Link Tank Cost Tank Weight Shipping Cost Third Party Shipping Cost Total Cost Time to Delivery Hastings Poly Tank Hastings Global Industrial $1,251.00 140 pounds 1,151.99 $2,402.99 […]

White Beauty DIY Floatation Tank – Version 2024 – a correctable error in DIY tank design

In 2011, the Black Beauty simple DIY floatation tank was built. Scouring the ‘net for containment tanks, I fell in love with the 325 gallon White containment tank made by Den Hartog: It looked more elegant, but it is inferior to the containment tank used in the Black Beauty for 2 reasons: One desirable thing […]

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