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Barbara Cherington’s DIY Float Tank

Man, do I miss the yahoogroups floattalk archive. I should’ve kept my yahoo account with all my emails to all those people. Oh well, anyway, Barbara Cherington (of Massachusetts) was happy with her tank. Let’s work through the 4 photos I have of her tank to see what she did:

Styrofoam door and ceiling.. Looks like some sort of pasteboard for the walls? I have no idea about the heating system.

Hayward Flo LX Pump that appears capable of sucking water upward: it does not need to be gravity fed.

Hayward Star Clear Plus filter … this is a cartridge filter … Notice the holes in the tank are not airtight in the least bit. Barbara stated that she benefitted greatly from floating in her tank every day. In other words, it may not be a top of the line tank, but it still did wonders for her.

Delzone Eclipse ozone system. I’m not sure what all the talk about ozone being harmful to breathe is about, but Barbara used hers every day. Looks way simpler than the Lifegard UV system I bought: that thing looked so hard to put together, I returned it.

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