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Super-like for Floatease – a very useful device for easing head-neck discomfort.

I have floated since the mid 90s off and on and never needed a headrest. Perhaps because of low salt content or maybe aging, I felt my head was arching back and creating discomfort.

As a yoga practitioner, i shrugged it off, thinking, it’s just stretching out and will get better over time.

But after 2-3 weeks of having my experience interrupted by my head tilting back, i began to research solutions.

I’m happy to report the Floatease does a number of thing to improve my float.

No head collisions during hydroplaning

A common phenomenon during the first minutes of floating is bumping into walls. The body does not like impact on the skull, even the mild and non-injurious collision that occurs as you settle into the float. When reading the floatease, the halo hits the wall, not your skull.

Ears still under water

The floatease props the head up but without exposing the ears to air – this means you maintain the attenuation of sound that one gets in a natural float.


You dont really feel like a dog on a collar with the floatease. In floating, my goal is to forget the body, not have something around my head that keeps dragging my attention back to it. The floatease does it’s job without distracting me.

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