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Location, location, location!

I had been doing a survey of containment tanks in preparation for creating the next evolution of The Black Beauty DIY tank:

TankTank ManufacturerVendorProduct LinkTank CostTank WeightShipping CostThird Party Shipping CostTotal CostTime to Delivery
Hastings Poly TankHastingsGlobal Industrial$1,251.00140 pounds1,151.99$2,402.9923rd on may on ltl truck. from nevada.
325 Gallon Poly Open Top Containment TankDen HartogProtank$0.00
360 Gallon Poly Open Top Containment TankNorwescoProtank$0.00
325 Gallon Poly Open Top Containment TankDen HartogNTO$0.00
360 Gallon Poly Open Top Containment TankNorwescoNTO$0.00
300 Gal, Model# RTT-4043Rhino TuffNorthern Tool$0.00
325 Gallon Poly Open Top Containment TankDen HartogChemical Containers, Inc.$1,480.00115 pounds165$1,645.00

As you can see, shipping costs were costly in terms of currency and time. The Black Beauty used Norwesco 360 gallon containment tanks. Because those were only 16 inches high, i wanted a bit more height. So i was attracted to the 325 gallon containment tank built by Den Hartog which is 24 inches high. Hastings has a 28 inch high tank, but again, dealing with the costs in terms of time and currency to receive it did not interest me. Furthermore, that tank has a drain plug in it, which means that it leaks if the drain plug is removed. Not likely to happen, but no need to have that worry.

I called the manufacturer (Den Hartog) and asked them which distributors might have the tank on hand. The first distributor they gave me (Protank, TX) only had one on hand. I called back and the lady at first refused to do anything but I persisted. she mentioned offhand that Chemical containers had bought four a year ago. At first, I wrote off calling them, figuring they were gone by now.

But I had the browser tab open the next day and what do you know, they had two!

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