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Location, location, location!

I had been doing a survey of containment tanks in preparation for creating the next evolution of The Black Beauty DIY tank: Tank Tank Manufacturer Vendor Product Link Tank Cost Tank Weight Shipping Cost Third Party Shipping Cost Total Cost Time to Delivery Hastings Poly Tank Hastings Global Industrial $1,251.00 140 pounds 1,151.99 $2,402.99 […]

Buying Parts

The stores that sell equipment related to DIY tanks are always changing. The places I bought from in 2013 have been bought out or gone out of business. These days, Salt Water Aquarium covers quite a bit of ground and is currently still in operation. Their filtration offerings are mammoth – make sure to get a […]

About / Contact

Welcome to MY STORY Well, after owning several commercial tanks and getting slapped in the face by not being able to get custom parts when the manufacturer went out of business, I ended up making my own tank and likiing it. No, it did not look like something from the latest Sci-fi episode. In fact, […]