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Salt – the types and dissolving

JCL initially started with using table salt in his tank. But he switched to Epsom salt. But table salt is making a comeback and for some good reasons. Let’s hash out the two options.

Table salt is 10 times cheaper than epsom. It does sting more with open wounds but you shouldnt be floating with those anyway? But in a personal tank that is not an issue. So, if you want to chance it you might be able to save some bread. Some secondhand accounts state that it dries the skin. But others say that it an old wive’s tale at best. In fact, one diy-tanker used regular swimming pool salt to great success. That being said do not use salt water pellets as they do not dissolve.

Epsom salt is most commonly used. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and also the 11th most abundant element in the body. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

Let’s compare price

40 pounds of NaCl (swimming pool salt) costs 8 bucks for 40 pounds and is easy to get at your local home depot. 5 pounds of Epsom Salt costs 5 bucks for 8 pounds. now you can probably get better price on Epsom Salt at an agricultural supply shop or having it delivered (at which point you pay shipping) but in this back-of-the-napkin approach we see a 3-fold savings when we go for table salt.


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